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How do you attract visitors to your website?


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Sometimes you look at the statistics for a website and realise that the visitors aren't living up to your expectations. The site may look good, the referencing is well established, but the visits just aren't there. So how do you increase traffic to your site for free?

Here are 5 strategies for increasing a site's audience:

1. The contents

One of the main factors is the content on your site. Often, the message is very clear to us, but is it just as clear to your visitors? You need to clearly indicate the company's field of expertise and how it can meet the needs of the future customer. Even if the keywords have been set up, try to modify or add some and validate if they are still relevant in the eyes of web users. You should also be patient, as it can take several weeks or even months before you notice any improvements to your SEO.

  1. The customer candy

Everyone likes to receive things for free. So prepare something that will be of value to your visitor. The most commonly used formula is the PDF document. Prepare a short guide, give information on a specific subject, offer recipes or prepare an explanatory video. Whatever the format, it's important that the web user feels like receiving this gift from you. This little bonus should be relevant, and don't hesitate to give out valuable information, because that's how you can prove your expertise. But make an exchange with the visitor all the same: you give your bonus in exchange for their email. You'll end up with a list of potential customers you can contact in the future.

3. Email marketing

Thought to be outdated, email marketing is still a formula that works very well. But you need to be creative. People receive several emails a day and a large proportion of them are thrown in the bin without being read, a bit like the advert in an infomercial that is automatically thrown into the recycling bin. You need to make the reader want to open the email with a punchy sentence.The subject of your email should be intriguing, catchy and make the person want to find out more. To comply with Canadian anti-spam standards, use applications designed for this purpose such as Mailchimp or Mailwizz.

4. Link exchange

You've heard the expression "scratch my back and I'll scratch yours"? One thing that's essential to referencing is inbound links. If Google sees that several websites are talking about yours, it will consider your website to be an expert in the field. Since the rule is the same for everyone, find a link partner who will agree to talk about your site in one of their blogs and in exchange you will talk about theirs in one of yours. Check that the hyperlink is in place, otherwise it will have no effect.

5. AdWords advertising

You won't be surprised if I tell you that Google is not an NPO. Its biggest source of revenue is advertising on its search engine. Investing in an advertising campaign can be very profitable if it's well done. Your customers will find you more quickly, while your website's score will improve. But beware, if the advertising campaign is not properly programmed, you could see your money melt away like snow in the sun without any return on your investment.

The right strategy for attracting visitors to your website

Once all these strategies have been put in place, you have to start again. The greatest danger is sitting back and thinking that the job is done. If Google sees that you are not updating your site, it will consider that you are less active and therefore less interesting for its users.

Need a helping hand to get your website onto the first page of Google? We've got the experts who will take the time to work on increasing your search engine awareness and attracting customers to your website.

Posted on: May 15th, 2023

By: ManaWeb


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